Greener Grounds w/ The Worksky, Metafonics and The Orcastrator

Greener Grounds w/ The Worksky, Metafonics and The Orcastrator

Fri, December 16, 2016

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:15 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

$15 Day Of Show

Tickets Available at the Door

This event is 16 and over

Greener Grounds
Greener Grounds
Joe Shur (Lead Guitar)
Roland Hansen (Keyboards/Synth)
Jay Rieder (Bass)
AJ Gillman (Drums)

Greener Grounds is a four piece jamtronica band based out of Denver, CO. They quickly gained momentum and secured a name for themselves in the highly competitive jam band music scene with performances at Backwoods Music Festival, Highberry Music Festival, SONIC BLOOM, and many more. Inspired by the likes of Lotus, STS9, the Disco Biscuits, Phish, and Umphrey’s Mcgee, they blend many styles including psychedelic funk, rock, trance fusion, and break beats. Their eclectic sound continues to take crowds by surprise ensuring a lively, danceable, and energetic vibe where ever the road takes them.

Greener Grounds features Joe Shur on guitar, Roland Hansen on keys and synth, Jay Rieder on bass, and AJ Gillman on drums.

Holding themselves to a high standard, Greener Grounds is comprised of passion, collective consciousness, environmental sustainability and unity, which is all expressed through their music. Constantly evolving in their sound, performance, and presence, they have caught the attention of sponsors, stages, and festivals all around the United States. Their “Practice makes perfect” mentality is visible in their connection to each other and their fans at each show. In the past year they have lit up the stage at Sonic Bloom, ARISE Music Festival, and Resonance Music & Arts Festival. Accompanied by performances with Perpetual Groove, Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Kung Fu, the Main Squeeze, Consider the Source, the Magic Beans, the Mantras, YAMN, and many more!

Last year’s release of their first EP, Photosynthesis, has been praised and quoted as “Jamtronica Gold,” by The Untz, setting them up for a bright future in the studio world. Greener Grounds followed their debut EP with a full length album, Momentous, that was successfully funded by through their Kickstarter Campaign. Momentous was released on July 8, 2016 and became a groundbreaking force for both the jam band and livetronica music scenes. Please visit: for the latest updates, tour dates, free downloads, videos, merchandise, and more!
The Workshy
The Workshy
The Workshy, an eclectic five-piece funk group based out of the Denver area, provides an incredibly energetic live show by pulling influences from jazz, blues, funk and more to create an infectious blend of music. Newly reformed with drummer David Petry, tenor saxophonist Armando Lopez and keyboardist Ben Rafferty, The Workshy's constantly evolving sound is stronger than ever, captivating crowds and building a following around the Colorado music scene. Making each show different from the last, The Workshy is not an act to be missed!
With styles and genres coming in from every direction, Metafonics focuses on bringing a fresh live experience to the listener.

Straight from Denver, CO, the group is hard at work writing eclectic tunes from groovy funk and electro to psychedelic rock. They are also no stranger to collaboration, and enjoy working with other local artists to create electrifying concepts.

Metafonics is setting the stage for major developments in the near future, look forward for big things to come!
The Orcastrator
The Orcastrator
Brandon Theis, known as The Orcastrator, was born in a small town in Brazil. Moving to America at the age of 2, he began growing up in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area where he was always a boy who sought exploration, whether it be skateboarding, rock climbing, jumping off a bridge, he was always one not to sit still. He began to be influenced by the hip-hop and skateboarding culture. Heavily influence by rappers like Tupac and Eminem to groups like, A Tribe Called Quest and The Beatles there are many influences and tastes that are helping to influence a sound of Bossanova Disco Jazz Funk mixed with a new kind of Electronic Future Soul. In 2015, The Orcastrator moved to Denver, Colorado to join the constantly changing and ever so funky electronic music scene.
Venue Information:
Cervantes' Other Side
2637 Welton St.,
Denver, CO, 80205