Sonic Blossom - Up Until Now ft. David Murphy of STS9 and Barber of Disco Biscuits, LTJ Bukem, Janover, BioDiesel ft. Clay Parnell of Brothers Past, Mikey Thunder, Ill Mannered, The Floozies, Cualli and Sunsquabi

Sonic Bloom & Cervantes' Present

Sonic Blossom - Up Until Now ft. David Murphy of STS9 and Barber of Disco Biscuits, LTJ Bukem, Janover, BioDiesel ft. Clay Parnell of Brothers Past, Mikey Thunder, Ill Mannered, The Floozies, Cualli and Sunsquabi

Fri, October 12, 2012

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

Cervantes' and The Other Side - DUAL VENUE

Denver, CO

$30 Fri Only / $50 2-Day

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Up Until Now
Up Until Now
Jay Murphy of Up Until Now has so far lived his life completely centered and orbiting around music. He comes from a collective past involved in bands with genres of reggae, world beat, rock, hip hop, funk, electro-pop,and even heavy metal. With this new project, he distills the pure essence in music that has always driven him, and channels it into electronic dance music with the sole purpose of making bodies move. When you get talent of this type with huge broad experience, and focus it into one vision, you best believe that it burns like a laser.

Since its conception in 2010, Up Until Now has performed across the country from Portland, OR to Jacksonville, FL, from New York City to Austin, TX. He has been featured at many major summer music festivals including Camp Bisco X, Electric Forest, and SnowGlobe. With the momentum Up Until Now has built in the last few years, the future is certainly bright for this producer. Keep an eye out for UUN coming to your town real soon.
David Murphy
David Murphy
After an amazing 17 year career with
STS9 as the front man and band
leader, David Murphy left the band in early 2014 with the desire to work with vocals, soloist's and create a more focused sound. Since then he has recently formed the band Seven Arrows, been DJ'ing and performing in supergroups across the country. Playing in the supergroups has given David the chance to delve back into improv and freeform music which was so much apart of the formation of STS9. 2015 has much on the horizon for David musically so keep your ears and eyes open for his next musical endeavours.
Jon Gutwillig
Jon Gutwillig
Jon "The Barber" Gutwillig is the founder and guitarist for the trance fusion jam band The Disco Biscuits. Since his part in founding the biscuits in 1995, Jon and bassist Marc Brownstein mostly share songwriting duties. Jon penned the rock opera Hot Air Balloon in 1998. His name " the barber" according to legend comes from his college days at University of Pennsylvania where he would take party goers and put them in a barber chair and feed them drinks. His biggest guitar influence is Wes Montgomery He currently uses Becker guitars and Gibson Guitars
LTJ Bukem
LTJ Bukem
Just who is LTJ Bukem? Ground breaking DJ? Inspirational musician? Record label entrepreneur? Club visionary, perhaps? When the man behind those wire rimmed glasses and that disarming smile writes his job description just what does he put? The man who took the drum and bass concept from a small venue off London's Charing Cross Road to the nation's superclubs and the
n onto the international stage? The geezer whose records launched breakbeat into a brand new galaxy of sound? Or maybe he just writes 'Renaissance man for a digital age'. In truth LTJ Bukem is all of the above. Although he wouldn't like to admit it, LTJ Bukem is the living embodiment of the post-acid house entrepreneurial creative spirit. He is a mild mannered energy flash whose panoramic musical vision has found success in every area he has explored. From running sound systems to cutting up breaks at raves, from relocating the heart of breakbeat culture to redefining the spirit of drum and bass, the man known to his friends as Danny Williamson has sat at the forefront of breakbeat evolution, lighting the way with little more than a zest for life and a love of music. In other words, LTJ Bukem is a man on a mission!

Bukem's first introduction to music, like so many others, was through piano lessons as a child. Unlike many however, the young pianist turned out to possess a natural talent and he quickly moved through the piano grades. Classical music represented the soundtrack to his home life. Both parents having a passion for Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky that rubbed off on their son. However it was when the family moved to Watford and Bukem changed music teachers that he developed his first true musical love. Thanks to a progressively minded teacher - Nigel Crouch - he was then introduced to the world of jazz fusion, a style which has informed his work ever since.
In the mid eighties, at the age of seventeen, Bukem discovered the joys of clubbing. The teenager regularly checked out the local soul clubs and legendary rare groove all dayers. As a keen record buyer he soon became interested in the idea of putting over his own version of the club soundtrack and before long he became involved with a sound system. During this time he also ran a jazz funk band, although this never presented itself as a serious past-time; just fun. The DJing was his main thing and by 1987 he gained something of a reputation for his sets. However it was in 1988 that Bukem first realised that DJing could offer a full-on career.

In 1990, LTJ Bukem got his first big break - at 'Raindance'. Booked to play between 1 & 2 AM in front of 10,000 people, it was the first true test of this fledgling DJ's skills. It may have taken all of his mates to push him onto the stage but it proved to be a set that he'll never forget. From the first track he "ripped it up" and LTJ Bukem, the world class DJ was truly born.

Naturally, Bukem then ventured into the studio to record a track which was to become one of the most influential records of the era. This 12" titled 'Logical Progression' surfaced on the newly formed Vinyl Mania imprint. At once anthemic and relaxing it offered the first true blueprint to Bukem's sonic vision.
By the time of his follow up to 'Logical Progression' Bukem had set up his own imprint. Run from a small office in Harlesden, London, the label was christened 'Good Looking' and its debut offering came in the shape of 'Demon's Theme'. Finished in mid 1990 and pressed up onto dub-plate, Bukem dropped it into his sets for a full year to test the reaction before he finally released the track officially in July '91. 'Demon's Theme' immediately caught the imagination of many people, its soulful combination of rushing breaks, lush ambience and mellow vibes opening up fresh vistas within the increasingly dark ambience of the rave.
Bukem's next release was 'Apollo' in '92, however his biggest breakthrough came with his next release 'Music' in 1993. In 1994 Bukem unleashed '19.5' while the release of the similarly epic 'Horizons' coincided with the opening of the legendary 'Speed' at the Mars Bar in London. This was an important time for Bukem. The label was gaining ground with its growing catalogue of must-have tunes and Bukem's own in-demand DJing. The launch of 'Speed' was intended to run hand in hand with the growth of Good Looking while also offering a focal point for the growing drum and bass scene. After a shaky start, which almost forced the night into closure, 'Speed' quite literally took off one night in the summer of '94.
Typically, Bukem made the most of this situation. He used the sudden media limelight to forward his vision, highlighting Good looking Records and its label roster. In 1995 the label licensed a compilation to London Records. Titled 'Logical Progression' it featured exclusive cuts from the roster alongside older tracks and is still one of the highest selling drum & bass compilations to have been released. "I wanted to see the label grow, I wanted to invest in the people who were signed to the label, so the move had to happen. It was never simply about LTJ Bukem, it was about Good Looking Records, Logical Progression and the sound."

Bukem's own music never took a back seat. There were remixes (including astounding reworks of Jodeci's 'Feenin' and Michelle Gayle's 'Sweetness'), his own additions to the label compilations and a collaboration with David Arnold on the infamous James Bond theme to 'Thunderball'
In the midst of all this rampant activity Bukem also managed to release the 'Mystical Realms EP' in March '98. The EP featured 'Twilight Voyage' with sombre flute refrains, chopping keys and an outer world ambience. The vocal and instrumental versions of 'Orchestral Jam', with its urgent break, echo dropped sonar and dissonant violins, and final track; the reflective, Herbie Hancock-esque 'Journey Inwards'. Three tracks, each representing a deeper development of the Bukem sound, further underlining Bukem's position as a sonic leader of post rave breakbeat culture.
Bukem continued to produce and mix some of the World's best Drum & Bass and cross-over compilations that have ever been put out. Titles such as 'Progression Sessions', the 'Earth' volumes and further instalments of the 'Logical Progression' series have become notorious for the new and exciting directions that Bukem has always strived to take, but without losing sight of his original musical roots and all the things that inspired him in the beginning.
The start of the 21st century saw LTJ Bukem continuing on his extraordinary musical odyssey with his long awaited solo album 'Journey Inwards'; A diverse and multi directional album of drum 'n' bass, soul, downbeat and house tracks that opened the eyes of those that had no faith and warmed the souls and inner belief of those that did. He has also added to his impressive remixing portfolio with his interpretation of 'The Essence' by jazz legend Herbie Hancock. On top of this he has continued the 'Progression Sessions' series of live mixes captured on CD, featuring storming performances recorded live in The USA, Tokyo and Germany. Bukem also compiled the highly acclaimed 'Soulfood' and 'Soul Addiction' compilations and released not one but two 'Producer' series CDs.

Fast-forward to 2007 and after a well earned "holiday" and a carefully considered climate change in the music industry - Bukem and his label re-entered the fray with new quality releases including the much anticipated Double A sided 12" featuring 'Switch' by LTJ Bukem and the mighty 'Drum Toolz' by MC Conrad and Furney on the flip – Released November '07 on Good Looking.

Bukem and his label are back on their mission, 2008 will see many new projects and a few familiar concepts updated for this new era of audio / visual consumption.
Watch this space…

All the while LTJ Bukem will continue to spread the gospel of the Good Looking sound - setting the main stages of the world alight with his stunning DJ sets.

"It's all a matter of opinion!"

Label Information - goodlooking records

"Bukem & goodlooking stepping back into the limelight"

LTJ Bukem has been an integral force in the develo...
LTJ Bukem has been an integral force in the development of Drum and Bass for well over 10 years and without his input, it is hard to imagine how the shape of our music would look today. He can, almost single-handedly, be held responsible for the conception and development of the more soulful side of Drum and Bass that he has since become renowned for. Labelled "Intelligent Drum and Bass" at the time, LTJ Bukem chose not to accept the new moniker, claiming that it suggested other examples of the genre lacked intelligence; a viewpoint that over the years has earned him respect from some of the scene's biggest names.

Born Danny Williamson in 1967, LTJ Bukem was raised in Watford by Baptist Parents. Danny's first interaction with music came at school, with him studying trumpet, whilst also playing the piano and drums; all of which are evident in his productions. After his expulsion from school at the age of 16, a musically minded Danny set about becoming a DJ, taking influences from everything including Hip-Hop, Electro and Jazz, this eventually led him onto forming the Sunshine Sound System through which LTJ Bukem could play all the moments' hottest tracks.

As Drum and Bass began to develop from its early roots in Hardcore Techno into the many subgenres we all know today, LTJ Bukem stepped us his game; setting up the highly respected label Good Looking Records with infamous business partner, Tony Fordham in the early 90's.

The label was not solely developed as an output for LTJ Bukem's work, but also as a platform; enabling him to showcase new up-and-coming producers. Artists including Peshay, PFM, Blame, Makoto and Blu Mar Ten can all be traced back to the early days of Good Looking with many going on to form successful individual careers.

Goodlooking's first full releases, did not focus solely on LTJ Bukem, but consisted of a compilation of some of the finest producers of the time. The first Album 'Logical Progression' consisted of tracks from LTJ himself alongside Peshay, PFM and Aquarius. The album's release in 1996 cemented Drum and Bass as a new form of Dance Music that was here to stay and LTJ Bukem's style opened up these new forms to a much wider audience.

Several years after the formation of Good Looking Records, sister labels began to form, acting as a stable for similar artists, many of which featured originally on Good Looking. Initially, Looking Good Records was set up to house the artists' growing production output. As the labels continued to develop; continuing to release the revolutionary rollers that it was becoming renowned for, LTJ Bukem wanted to expand; taking it further than the instant classics he had already released such as 'Music', 'Horizons' and 'Demons Theme.' Another sister label was founded 2 years later in 1996, Earth. The Earth imprint acted as on outlet for the more eclectic music of Good Looking, comprising of 7 volumes over an 8 year period, the Earth volumes symbolise the Good Looking ethos that if music sounds good then it should be embraced; the variety of tracks that appear on the albums vary from up-tempo jazzy Drum and Bass to more down tempo ambient tracks, whilst still seeming to compliment each other.

There had been much anticipation as to when LTJ Bukem' solo album would be finished, with many wondering why he was shying away from the project. The truth was, the time was not right, and in 2000 'Journey Inwards' dropped into the hands of a record number of Good Looking lovers. Heralded as a key point in Good Looking' history, it marked a turning point in the labels' output; with individual artist albums slowly beginning to emerge as well as continuing to release the highly successful Earth series and what some see as the highlight of the Good Looking releases; The Progression Sessions CDs.

These CDs have been the mostly widely received of all the Good Looking releases; with a collection of 10 releases that cover LTJ Bukem and fellow Label-mate MC Conrad's touring schedule over the last 10 years. With the releases featuring live mixes from just a selection of the many countries that the Good Looking Camp has travelled to. Countries including Japan, America and Germany have all featured and are a true example of how far and wide LTJ Bukem has travelled, pushing the boundaries of Drum and Bass.

Things seemed to quieten down after the Millennium, and rumours began circulating that the Good Looking Camp had begun to dwindle. These rumours were quashed with the huge 2004 release of 'Golden Girl' by Makoto with the vocal talents of MC Conrad. The tune heralded a welcome return for Good Looking with it receiving airplay from everyone from Friction to Fabio.

As for the future, things really are looking good! With the hugely anticipated new album from Makoto dropping early this year, Good Looking has a pipeline full of projects ready for release in 2008. As well as regular 12" instalments; the first new release being the doulble A sided 'Switch' by LTJ Bukem & 'Drum Toolz' by MC Conrad & Furney, Good Looking plan to release a DVD featuring 'Bukem In Session' – Live at Exit Fest 2007, a brand new volume of the legendary 'Earth' series, a debut album by MC Conrad, a 'Logical Progression' DVD and not forgetting LTJ Bukem's second solo album 'What Price Art'. These projects all signal firm steps back into the limelight for Good Looking.
Jamie Janover is recognized as a true innovator. His considerable creative output includes: being a master of the ancient percussion stringed instrument called the hammered dulcimer, inventing and performing on an instrument he calls the "mini-kit" (a miniature amplified drum kit), playing pyrocussion (fire drums) and creating the RealmsMobile (a recumbent tricycle with the mini-kit attached, enabling him to ride and play drums simultaneously).

Combining the innovations of modern technology with the wisdom of ancient instruments, Janover is achieving a creative balance between the electronic and the acoustic to create a unified field: music reflective of the nature of modern times.

For many years Janover has maintained a rigorous touring schedule, alternating between acts including: LYNX & Janover, ZILLA (w/ Michael Travis from SCI and Aaron Holstein), PRAANG (w/ EOTO & Steve Kimock) and The Everyone Orchestra (w/ a revolving lineup), among others. He is currently touring solo performing live PA set style electronic shows using his unique live rig which includes hammered dulcimer, laptop computer, mini-kit, sampler, sitar, electric kalimba and percussion.

When not playing music, you can find Janover connecting dots around the world in his extensive travels and collaborations in multiple creative realms including creating stunning images as a professional photographer, sculpture works using natural found objects and being an emissary for scientist Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project, delivering fascinating presentations on the physics of unified field theory. Janover also produces music events including an annual electronic music festival in Colorado called SONIC BLOOM.
BioDiesel ft. Clay Parnell of Brothers Past
BioDiesel ft. Clay Parnell of Brothers Past
Johnny Rabb and Clay Parnell form BioDiesel, an adventure in Live Intelligent Dance Music.

BioDiesel lies in razor-thin space between band and DJ, synthetic and human, man and machine. The duo is an inventive collaboration between Johnny Rabb and Clay Parnell. Modern electronic dance music has always been primarily about beats and basslines—and that fact is ever more present today. Naturally, when you take a world-class drummer and a celebrated bassist who are also passionate producers, the elements are there for a super-charged ensemble that shatters boundaries and dares to take the musical genres they explore to thrilling new places.

BioDiesel is coming on strong in 2011 and beyond. The first half of the year has seen performances in every time zone in North America, the release of the EPCarbon Confidential, which garnered favorable attention from and other media, as well as some exciting collaborations with top artists in the scene. Before the year is out, they will have released a live album and toured as far away from home base as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Drumming legend Johnny Rabb—pioneer of the freehand technique—has performed and given clinics the world over. Recognized as an inventor, author, educator and the Original World’s Fastest Drummer, he is able to execute his passion for live electronic music in ways that few (if any) others are able to effectively emulate.

Clay Parnell is known for his work with Brothers Past, the Join (featuring members of the New Deal) and Philabuster (featuring Korey Riker of the Roots), as well as holding down his own Philadelphia residency as Lo Life. Recently tapped as a consultant for The Bass Players Bible in the styles of Drum n Bass, House and Hip Hop, he is considered the go-to bassist in the Live Electronic genre.

Whether shaking a dance club to its foundation, blowing the doors off a theater or working a festival audience into a frenzy ... BioDiesel is the cutting edge of tangible electronic music.
Mikey Thunder
Mikey Thunder
Mikey Thunder likes to party. But more than that, Mikey Thunder just so happens to be the party. Thunder spins a genre-blending, bass-driven partyrock, fusing banging electronic beats with funk, hip-hop, soul, jazz, blues, swing, reggae and anything else the party may call for on the fly. With 19 years in the game, he's mastered the art of improvisation with an uncanny ability to work with and rework the vibe of the party with precision. If you’re a true connoisseur of the Colorado music scene, you’ve seen Mikey share the stage with any number of your favorite artists- no matter the genre.

It all began for Mikey at the age of 15 when he discovered DJing in Springfield , Mass. Thru friends older brother's record collections and the Hiphop scene in the city. From there he moved up to Burlington Vt. and immersed himself in the diverse musical culture. In the fall of 1999, he relocated to the mountains of Jackson Hole where he was soon kidnapped by Michael Franti and Spearhead for the Stay Human Tour. After opening for Spearhead in Jackson Hole, Thunder was handpicked by Michael Franti to open the rest of the tour, where he mixed beats into their sets, during set break, and scratched with their beatboxer, Radioactive.

After the Spearhead tour Mikey relocated to Boulder and continued to pursue his musical career. At that time Thunder also was an Atari playing stuntman/ DJ in the band Sonar. The band shared the stage with the Wailers at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the String Cheese Incident, and played Hightimes Magazine’s SXSW party, and the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. In the fall of 2009 Mikey joined the Pretty Lights crew, opened for over 30 shows on their tours and performed cuts on the Making Up a Changing Mind EP, released in 2010. He also has played the sold out Red Rocks Amphitheater runs with PL in 2012/13/14.

Since that time, he has made his presence known in every single facet of the Colorado music industry. Over the years he has shared the stage with an extremely diverse range of musicians, including (but certainly not limited to): Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, The Disco Biscuits, Boombox, Soul Live, Lettuce, The Motet, Michal Menert, Nightmares on Wax, Mr. Scruff, DJ Krush, Bonobo, Z Trip, DJ Qbert, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Jurassic 5, Slick Rick, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface killa, Red Man, Juicy J, and Big Boi of Outkast. Additionally, he has been prominently featured on such festivals as Shambhala, Sonic Bloom, Snowball, Global Dance Festival, and many others.

Mikey Thunder’s true talent lies in his versatility. Every Thunder performance presents something familiar in an entirely unfamiliar way, as well as something unfamiliar presented in a way that is immediately recognizable as Thunder.
Ill Mannered
Ill Mannered
Sounds like a white trash bar fight between Superman and Mother Theresa.

Tyler Crawford Unland can usually be found buried between a sleazy drum groove, an over-driven synth and a pot of the strongest coffee on earth. Working around the clock, it is Ty’s obsession with each particular element that shape and define what ill-Mannered is in its essence. From Berkley College Of Music to countless sessions with Grammy Award winning engineers, producers and musicians, this whippersnapper’s turning more tricks than pandora’s box. Ty spends a lot of time in the studio producing, engineering and mixing for other artists as well. His knowledge, perseverance and sheer self sacrifice to his art have put him on a different playing field than your average bloke. For Ty, Ill-Mannered is the culmination of his internalized musical visions and a way to see the world with his friends.

Eric Imbrosciano is the groove MACHINE. This kid bashes drums all day, every day. His formal training and near 20 years drumming experience has made him an absolute monster. It doesn’t matter what genre you are playing – this kid wont skip a beat. Eric is a highly regarded player in the music community and ill-Mannered’s live performance is catapulted to unimaginable heights with him behind the kit.
The Floozies
The Floozies
The Floozies are producer/guitarist Matt Hill and drummer Mark Hill. These two brothers are bringing their fresh approach to electronic music and live performance to venues and festivals all over the country. The duo's combination of cutting edge electronic production and party rocking funk energizes crowds and turns venues into epic dance parties. All of The Floozies music can be downloaded for free from
Cualli is a Colorado based artist dedicated to making music that inspires. Cualli music eludes genre, each song telling a different story than the last. It cuts deep, utilizing ancient melodies blended with new sounds and possibilities. "My music is created with positive intention," says Aaron Holsapple, the 23 year old artist, "Cualli is an Aztec word for something which is inherently good and
I want my music to reflect that." Aaron is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who infuses his studio work as well as live sets with guitar, keys, synths and sitar. He also plays with the band ReaLifeActual (RLA) and is now working on a collaborative project with Chris Cox, their first single "Global Deceleration" having been in the top 20 on Beatport's Glitch Hop charts for nearly five months reaching the number four spot at its highest. Cualli is also co-founder of and resident artist with both Audiowaska Productions and SOLRR and has performed alongside acts such as Nit Grit, Love and Light, Nasty Nasty, Dnae Beats, Mr. Rogers and many more.
Growing up in Denver Colorado, Aaron was inspired to say the least. Catching acts like SCI, STS9, Lotus, Ooah, The Dead, Zilla, Kanal and the Motet, he was given glimpses into the language of music. He discovered that it expressed truths which words could not. It was a language which could reflect the harmony of the cosmos and through the language of music, both artist and audience could form a collective consciousness which, reflected that same harmony. "Everything is music. From the tinniest particles to the biggest galaxies, everything has its own frequency, its own song which it sings with the entire cosmos. The amazing part is that it's in perfect harmony. My job is to express this through music" (Cualli). It was around the time of this discovery that Aaron bought his first laptop computer and started making music in Garage Band to play guitar solos over. Later that year he met Thomas Smith (Mezla, co-founder of SOLRR), who introduced him to Ableton and the world of electronic music production. For the next four years he balanced music with school, earning bachelors degrees in both philosophy and english. It was also durning this time that he met the painter Morgan Mandala who has been an immense inspiration and is his soon to be wife. Utilizing all that he has learned in his 23 years of his life, Cualli is now focusing all of his attention on helping to co-create the next level of electronic music.
It all began in 2011 when guitarist Kevin Donohue and bassist Andrew Clymer broke away from their hip-hop roots and decided that sample-based electronic music simply wasn’t enough. The Boulder duo set out to find their own blend of live instrumentation and production, which would lead to the creation of SunSquabi. The group very quickly gained notoriety in the Denver/Boulder area and performed their first show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in June 2011 (Global Dance Festival). Shortly thereafter, drummer and Boston native Chris Anderson joined the group and inspired the group to even further seek the limitless otential of the live-electronic realm.

Over the past two years, SunSquabi has performed at some of the country’s most notable music festivals (Wakarusa, Summer Camp, Sonic Bloom, Snowball, SXSW and more). The trio has been consistently touring the U.S. since May 2012, and rapidly gaining recognition from the ever-evolving EDM and Livetronica markets. SunSquabi has shared the stage with Big Gigantic, Pretty Lights, GriZ, Murphy of STS9, Up Until Now, Two Fresh, Conspirator, Michal Menert, Boombox, The Floozies, Archnemesis, Break Science, Minnesota, Ghostland Observatory and many more.
The group is currently recording a new EP, with four previous releases and a 17-track LP titled “Fundamental Interaction” (Nov. 2013). Constantly on the studio grind, SunSquabi is always striving to change and mature their sound, and to continue to break down the expectations of what a “Live-Electronic” band should be. A recent overhaul on the live set has propelled the group into 2014, with plans to tour all over the U.S. They will be making appearances at several major festivals this Summer, with an album release planned for late Summer 2014.
Venue Information:
Cervantes' and The Other Side - DUAL VENUE
2637 Welton Street
Denver, CO, 80203