Euforquestra & Roster McCabe w/ El Dub

Euforquestra & Roster McCabe w/ El Dub

Sat, October 6, 2012

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

Cervantes' Other Side

Denver, CO

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 16 and over

Originally from Iowa City, IA, Eufórquestra (pronounced: yoo • FOHR • keh • struh, think Euphoria+Orchestra) relocated to Fort Collins, CO in August 2008 and has made a splash on the Colorado music scene with its progressive, genre-crossing funk fusions and a relentless tour schedule. Eufórquestra is quickly spreading its High Intensity Global Dance Music, a unique, rhythmic blend of sound, integrating such genres as Afrobeat, Reggae, Afro-Cuban, Samba, Soca, Funk, Salsa, and Dub. Eufórquestra’s music is igniting dance floors across the country, with a sound that “explodes, dances and melts in your ear with sheer bliss” (Chris M. Slawecki; As the band puts it, "we just want to make people dance.”

In October 2009, the band released their third studio album, Soup, a collection of 11 tracks that captures the band at new heights in terms of songwriting, energy and production. In an effort to spread the album far and wide as an independent artist, the band decided to give the album away for free online at With nearly 10,000 downloads since the album’s release, the word is spreading!

With three full length albums, a new live album and a relentless tour schedule (over 100 shows per year), Eufórquestra has created a presence on the national scene, performing all over the U.S. at clubs, concert halls, community events, and festivals, such as Wakarusa, Summer Camp, Electric Forest, 80/35 (Des Moines, IA), Sweet Pea Festival (Bozeman, MT), NedFest (Nederland, CO), Camp Barefoot (Bartow, WV) and Iowa City Jazz Festival. In addition, Eufórquestra hosts their own festival, Camp Euforia, every year in July, just outside of Iowa City, in Lone Tree, IA.
Roster McCabe
Roster McCabe
Roster McCabe formed in Minneapolis, MN in 2006. Since that time the band has experimented with many genres, ultimately favoring a blend of electronic dance and rock. The combination of soulful vocals, lush programming and heavy guitar riffs, swirling and intelligent fret work, and an airtight, seemingly veteran rhythm section, RMC creates an elaborate and euphoric sonic landscape.

Roster McCabe is:
Alex Steele (vocals, keyboards)
Michael Daum (Lead Guitar)
Drew Preiner (Guitars, Synths, Vocals)
Jeff Peterson (Drums, Vocals)
Scott Muellenberg (Bass, Vocals)

Roster McCabe sounds like no one and sounds like everyone. The second release of this three-year-old band, Through Space and Time demonstrates a deep, fresh, and inventive approach to modern music by twenty something musicians.

Recorded at the famed Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, Minnesota and mastered by renowned Brian "BigBassBrian" Gardner, this Minneapolis based quintet has created a new hybrid sound fusing the best of the past 50 years of music into a cohesive, singable multi-genre album. Masterfully dipping into reggae, disco, funk, rock, metal, pop, soul and R&B, summing up this album with a single style would be disingenuous and impossible.

The rhythm section made up of 25 year old Jeff Peterson on drums and 23 year old Scott Muellenberg on bass sound like they've been grooving together for 30 years. The flair of Peterson's drumming never interferes with the deep groove of each song- something sought after but rarely attained by flashy drummers. The metal-esque parallel guitar riffs throughout the album powerfully played by Drew Preiner and Michael David Daum offer a healthy juxtaposition to Alex Steele's soulful vocals.

From the inspiring reggae based "Swords" admitting in these uncertain times that "love might be the only solid ground" to the club-raver instrumental "Soar" including a guitar solo by Daum that sounds like it was lifted from a Manhattan jazz club in the 1970s, the depth of diversity within this collection of songs secures a full-length listen without fatigue.

While Roster McCabe live shows embrace extended arrangements and improvisation, in Through Space & Time each song was crafted with the aid of co-producer Chris Kalgren to highlight the best of what fans have loved about this band for years. Nashville songwriters could take cues from these melodies, while jazz players would marvel at the solos.

With the intricacies of the arrangements, details such as tones, lyrics, vocal harmonies and performances could have been over looked, but every element was meticulously fashioned with Kalgren and co- producer Paul Marino to fit perfectly into this album. Grammy nominated Marino, arguably one of the best mixing engineers in the world, managed to warmly utilize the full sonic sphere while still offering incredible clarity of each recorded element.

The finishing sonic touches were added by mastering engineer Brian "BigBassBrian" Garnder, who has worked with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Dr. Dre.

Through Space & Time reminds you why you love music. Listen with headphones for true ear candy. Funded by fan donations achieved through, Through Space & Time is truly an effort dedicated to Roster McCabe's loyal fan base, who made this endeavor possible.

Playing over 150 shows in 2010, Roster McCabe plans to continue to tour heavily in 2011 promoting this release.
El Dub
El Dub
Lee "El Dub" Walsh is no stranger to the midwest festival scene. He has been playing and touring with the Lunar Funk Theory for over 5 years playing in a total of 10 states and making his presance known at many nationonal festivals. Now El Dub has started to experiment with the RC50 Loop Station to create a full band sound with just one person mixing in Hip Hop, Reggae, and Funk and is already touring 5 dif. states in the Midwest Region within his first solo year. El Dub will be releasing his first Solo album 4/20/2012 and is planning on doing a national tour Oct of 2012 to promote it.
Venue Information:
Cervantes' Other Side
2637 Welton St.,
Denver, CO, 80205