J.WAIL (Live Band) ft. Steve Molitz (Particle/Phil Lesh), Allen Aucion (Disco Biscuits) and Chris Littlefield (Karl Denson's Tiny Universe) w/ DrFameus, JJ Evanoff, Melody Lines, Linear Symmetry and Visus - Wailian Encounters : Beam Me Up Tour

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J.WAIL (Live Band) ft. Steve Molitz (Particle/Phil Lesh), Allen Aucion (Disco Biscuits) and Chris Littlefield (Karl Denson's Tiny Universe) w/ DrFameus, JJ Evanoff, Melody Lines, Linear Symmetry and Visus - Wailian Encounters : Beam Me Up Tour

Wed, December 14, 2016

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$12 Day Of Show

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This event is 16 and over

* J.WAIL *
It is the dawn of an age of digital wizardry and in this modern era gadgets seem to surge in song, congealing in an amalgamation of buzzes, beeps and blips. The pulsing of machines and pounding of concrete and steel in symphonic collage power our world. J.WAIL rises to the call of the sonic traffic controller, poised behind a palette of electronic devices, guitar and live drums creating a realm of joy, funky flavors and euphoria for all. The dance floor becomes the launch pad where J.WAIL fuses live instrumentation with organic electronic music propelling mind, soul and booty into the upper stratosphere of sound. In the resonance of music and technology, J.WAIL melds the sounds of tomorrow with the power of now into a bumping, party anthem for modern mankind. Stretching into the DJ-based dance sound with the approach of a live band, J.WAIL encompasses genre and mind bending music, with the element of surprise and improvisation. On a quest to spread music, tours have logged stops on many corners of globe and far off galaxies. Wailian dance parties have been spotted all around North America, Asia, Africa and little beach towns in Hawaii and Mexico. J.WAIL has shared on stage collaborations and jams with EOTO, members of Lotus, Ween, Particle and has performed on bills with national artists such as Bassnectar, The New Deal and Boombox. J.WAIL's unique style infused with live drums leave the audience with orgasms for your soul and a dance party for your booty!

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Steve Molitz
Steve Molitz
Composer and keyboardist Steve Molitz has played over a thousand shows around the world since he started his career as a touring musician in 2000. His Los Angeles based electrorock band Particle has played all the major US festivals from Bonnaroo to Lollapalooza, and has received critical praise from Rolling Stone, CNN, and The New York Times. Their 2004 instrumental studio album (produced by Tom Rothrock) was named one of the Top Ten albums of 2004 by the Associated Press, and was later remixed by Groove Armada’s Tom Findlay. Molitz has also played hundreds of shows since 2004 as a member of Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh’s touring band, Phil Lesh & Friends. In 2005, Grateful Dead percussionist and Grammy award winning world musician Mickey Hart joined Molitz and Particle for a 30 city U.S. tour under the name Hydra. Molitz has also recorded and performed live with a wide range of top musicians spanning genres from Pop and Electronica to Rock and Americana. Highlights include performances with The Allman Brothers Band, Chris Robinson (Black Crowes), Levon Helm (The Band), Tricky, G Love, and members of The Doors, Phish, and Dave Matthews Band.

Known in part for his innovative approach to playing and programming vintage keyboards and analog synthesizers, Molitz has made several appearances at Moogfest (A Tribute to Bob Moog), and recently participated in the development and design of the latest Moog Synthesizer, the Little Phatty. He also recently completed an interview along with the likes of Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock for The Fender Rhodes Story, a forthcoming documentary about the Fender Rhodes Electric Piano. Molitz’s music has also been featured in film and television, and recent highlights include his contributions to the score and soundtrack of the forthcoming Ridley Scott film, ‘Tell-Tale’, as well as the music he wrote and recorded for the Universal video game ‘Scarface: The World Is Yours.’
Allen Aucion
Allen Aucion
Drummer for the Disco Biscuits
Chris Littlefield
Chris Littlefield
DrFameus is an electronic music project created by the versatile drummer, Allen Aucoin. Allen explores many realms with DrFameus ranging from breakbeats to drum 'n' bass to dubstep to techno/house. It is his ability to survey the crowd and then improvise that has allowed Aucoin to play in such diverse projects over the years.

Allen began his musical career not onstage, but instead in education and composition. This included instructing and writing for award winning percussion ensembles and teaching drum lessons. While attending Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts Allen was given the nickname DrFameus and it has stuck ever since. Like so many of us, college was not exactly a punctual time for Allen. He became known as the guy that was famously late all the time; so much that a friend gave him the honorary doctorate, DrFameus.

After moving back to the southeast from Boston, Allen continued to work as a teacher and percussion instructor while touring with the band “Skydog Gyspy." In 2005 Aucoin acquired his current role as the drummer for Philadelphia electronic act, the Disco Biscuits. Since winning the “drum off” held by the Biscuits in Atlantic City, Allen has played 450-500 shows with the quartet including shows at the Gorge Amphitheatre and Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Keep an eye out for live shows and studio work from Drfameus!
Venue Information:
Cervantes' Other Side
2637 Welton St.,
Denver, CO, 80205