Praang feat. Michael Travis & Jason Hann (SCI & EOTO), Steve Kimock and Jamie Janover w/ Toy Box - FRIDAY

Praang feat. Michael Travis & Jason Hann (SCI & EOTO), Steve Kimock and Jamie Janover w/ Toy Box - FRIDAY

KIMOCK, Michael Travis, Jason Hann, Janover, Toy Box

Fri, February 17, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$30 Day Of Show

This event is 16 and over


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PRAANG : Kimock / Travis / Hann / Janover

• Four musicians that bring a long tradition of improvisation into the future using everything from advanced technology
to ancient instruments, making a sound unlike anything heard before...

Steve Kimock: “Music is about the feeling you get when listening to good music. It comes from an emotional place in the performer and creates a succession of feeling states in the listener,” Steve explains. “The mystery of this art, the paradox, and duality of its realization, lie in the translation between its creation as a unique and deeply personal statement from the performer, and its perception as common, universally held emotions by the listener.” Like many people, Kimock at first, fell under the spell of The Beatles, but he also had an aunt, Dorothy Siftar, who played the Philadelphia Folk Festival with Pete Seeger, so his musical horizons were broadened at a young age. When a cousin came home from the service with a gold Les Paul, Kimock was hooked. He got a guitar and played it 12 hours a day, every day. He still does. “I occasionally put it down to take a shower or eat some food,” he jokes, but he’s still in love with the guitar and all its stringed relations.

EOTO - pronounced "E-oh-toe" Jason Hann and Michael Travis (percussionist and drummer from the band The String Cheese Incident) are 1/2 of PRAANG. Together they also compose this brand new 100% improvised live break-beat, trip-hop, house, and drum n' bass project called EOTO. Drawing from the ethos of some of the great DJ's and computer artists of the world, they use cutting edge technology to create truly original and melodic dance music in the moment, with the undeniable power of live drums. The music is all created on the spot, recorded, then mixed and remixed live to create an ever evolving musical experience. Since the project is 100% improvised, every night promises to be a unique dance experience. Hann and Travis play different roles in this band than in SCI. Jason plays the drum kit, percussion and sampler, while Michael is in charge of the tonal elements, playing bass, guitar, and keyboards, and hand percussion and live mixing.

Jamie Janover is recognized as a true musical innovator. His many talents include being a master of the ancient percussion stringed instrument called the hammered dulcimer, inventing an instrument he calls the "mini-kit" (a miniature amplified drum kit), playing pyrocussion (fire drums) and creating the Realmsmobile (a recumbent tricycle with the mini-kit attached, enabling him to ride and play drums simultaneously), among many other diverse creative outputs.

These four diverse musicians come together to create live electronic music at the cutting edge of both the jam and electronic genres filled with infinite possibilities as their collective improvisational expertise meets the most current of technologies and aesthetics...
Even the most inspired and free-thinking artist, one whose celebrated command of his instrument and musical expression underscores a strong sense of fluidity and freedom within the traditional structure of American rock music, can wake up one day with the desire – the need, rather – to flip the table, reshuffle the deck, and draw fresh cards for himself. And so we find Steve Kimock, a master of small band improvisation and champion of the national rock and dance band circuit for four decades, breaking new ground with his latest solo effort, Last Danger of Frost.

"There are other spaces and experiences music flows into, fills, and conforms to: family, nature, travel, quiet study and contemplation, imagination, to name a few. For me, the balance of the music has shifted to 'other,'" Kimock declares. As evidenced on Last Danger of Frost, the "other" morphs acoustic and electronic sounds, voiced by vintage guitars, synthesizers and bass. For instance, the "other" found him laying down an entire track using nothing but guitar feedback, manipulated into bird song that he overdubbed into the ambient "Big Sky".

Recorded in Kimock's century-old Pennsylvania barn last winter before a move back to California, Last Danger of Frost offers a daring personal expression that introduces innovative techniques the guitarist discovered in a solo setting. Kimock dismantles the rock band framework and takes a full stretch to create exploratory sounds and intimate compositions that may have been waiting to be revealed – or rediscovered – the whole time.

"Music is the feeling you get when you listen to good music," Kimock states. "That was my understanding when I got my very first cheapo acoustic guitar and, failing to tune or play it, entertained myself by sliding the bridge around to change the pitch. The non-conventional technique and tuning concepts came early and easy. I listened and played without knowing anything other than that I was being transported to a beautiful new world by sound. Some half a century later I find myself in my barn, recording these sounds – in the absence of commercial style and convention, peer pressure and audience expectation... or maybe just in defiance."

In spring 2016, this music will be presented in an exciting, new intimate ensemble called KIMOCK when Steve partners with John Morgan Kimock (drummer, composer, multi-instrumentalist). The father/son duo has been composing further music over the past year, inspired by the record's compositions and direction, orchestrating musical styles across genres and generations. Fans will encounter a listening experience that spotlights Steve's remarkable tone in an intuitive flow of Eastern and Western folk music, heartfelt acoustic guitar, ambient electronic expressions, inventive covers, and contemporary compositions. Also planned for the new touring project are Steve's longtime bass-playing left hand, Bobby Vega, who will bring 30 years' worth of chemistry and collaboration, adding intrinsic groves and tones to the new compositions. Add to that special guest vocalist Leslie Mendelson, with whom the duo has also been composing, and you have the makings of an inspired new project. KIMOCK invites audiences to lean in, listen and experience the symbiosis.
Michael Travis
Michael Travis
Michael Travis is a pioneer in the art of modern improvisational jam-rock drumming. He is especially known for his groundbreaking work on playing both hand drums and the drum kit simultaneously. As the drummer for the highly accomplished band, The String Cheese Incident, he has developed a unique style that is very supportive of a free jam aesthetic while still always laying it down. He further develops that approach in Zilla by being super solid to the point of emulating grooves that some of the best programmers and DJs would create, except with that elusive human feel. Travis has played along side some of the worlds greatest drummers while playing with String Cheese including Trilok Gurtu, Babatunde Olatunji and Bill Kreutzman and he has collaborated with many other artists including Keller Williams, Karl Denson, Warren Haynes and Bela Fleck. With Zilla, he gets to stretch-out into brand-new territory by playing drums, percussion, sampler and keyboards at the same time during the show.
Jason Hann
Jason Hann
Jason Hann is an accomplished percussionist/drummer who has been playing professionally since the age of 12. Growing up in Miami, Florida, he was exposed early to international music through his father, who is also a musician, and embraced his Colombian heritage through his mother. Music has taken him around the world, studying first hand in countries such as Mali, Ghana, Haiti, and Korea, both learning and performing folkloric and contemporary music of the land. A dynamic performer, Jason has also toured and recorded internationally within many different genres of music including Rock, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Latin-Jazz, Flamenco, African, Persian, Electronica, Techno and World music.
Jamie Janover is recognized as a true innovator. His considerable creative output includes: being a master of the ancient percussion stringed instrument called the hammered dulcimer, inventing and performing on an instrument he calls the "mini-kit" (a miniature amplified drum kit), playing pyrocussion (fire drums) and creating the RealmsMobile (a recumbent tricycle with the mini-kit attached, enabling him to ride and play drums simultaneously).

Combining the innovations of modern technology with the wisdom of ancient instruments, Janover is achieving a creative balance between the electronic and the acoustic to create a unified field: music reflective of the nature of modern times.

For many years Janover has maintained a rigorous touring schedule, alternating between acts including: LYNX & Janover, ZILLA (w/ Michael Travis from SCI and Aaron Holstein), PRAANG (w/ EOTO & Steve Kimock) and The Everyone Orchestra (w/ a revolving lineup), among others. He is currently touring solo performing live PA set style electronic shows using his unique live rig which includes hammered dulcimer, laptop computer, mini-kit, sampler, sitar, electric kalimba and percussion.

When not playing music, you can find Janover connecting dots around the world in his extensive travels and collaborations in multiple creative realms including creating stunning images as a professional photographer, sculpture works using natural found objects and being an emissary for scientist Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project, delivering fascinating presentations on the physics of unified field theory. Janover also produces music events including an annual electronic music festival in Colorado called SONIC BLOOM.
Toy Box
Toy Box
Toy Box (Carter Matthews) has had a busy last few years making a name for himself in the Denver music scene and cultivating an audial style that is all his own.

With his production talents ranging anywhere from Future Bass to Melodic Downtempo, Toy Box distinguishes his sound with the folky instrumentation of his mandolin, a talent that also provides a very unique live experience for lovers of electronic music.

He's had multiple releases with that have cumulated over a million plays, as well as a debut EP release "Short Stories EP" with Street Ritual Record Label, He's had the pleasure and opportunity to open for acts such as Manic Focus, Ott, Break Science, Phutureprimitive, Govinda, Seven Lions, Kevin Donohue of Sunsquabi, Said The Sky, and Illenium. Toy Box has since signed with Feyline Management in the hopes to take his career to the next level.
Venue Information:
Cervantes' Other Side
2637 Welton St.,
Denver, CO, 80205