Great American Taxi w/ Chicago Farmer, Good Touch

Great American Taxi w/ Chicago Farmer, Good Touch

Fri, March 10, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$15 Day Of Show

This event is 16 and over

Great American Taxi
Great American Taxi
Great American Taxi are a rock & roll classic, a timeless mixture of gutsy pop, calloused hand country, blue-eyed R&B, and bare-knuckle barroom chooglin’ with songs for the everyman and woman grinding out the working week and anxious to shuffle the day’s cares away. The inheritors of the good times-bad times mojo of Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles, and Lowell George-era Little Feat, GAT are boogie rock champs with big beating hearts backed up by thousands of gigs and highway miles – real music for real people living each day as best they can, dreaming about Friday nights and scoring a few breaks in this wicked world.
After some evolutionary changes, the core lineup now centers around Chad Staehly (keyboards, vocals), Jim Lewin (guitar, vocals), Brian Adams (bass, vocals) and newest member Arthur Lee Land (guitar, banjo, vocals) with guest drummer Duane Trucks (Hard Working Americans, Widespread Panic) joining them on the group’s latest, strongest studio effort, Dr. Feelgood's Traveling Medicine Show, which was produced by Railroad Earth’s Tim Carbone. Since the departure of founding member Vince Herman (Leftover Salmon), the band has refined and expanded their vision of what Gram Parsons called Cosmic American Music, a deeply felt, gently groovy kind of Americana that one can down a pitcher of suds to while contemplating life, the universe, and everything.
Chicago Farmer
Chicago Farmer
"Get me South, Mama get me North, Get me out of Backenforth," Chicago Farmer sings on the title track of Backenforth, IL, out January 22, 2013. It's the centerpiece of his sixth collection of Guthrie-inspired populist songs, as well as autobiographical. The son of a small town farming community, Cody Diekhoff logged plenty of highway and stage time under the name Chicago Farmer before settling in the city in 2003. Profoundly inspired by fellow mid-westerner John Prine, he's a working-class folk musician to his core. His small town roots, tilled with city streets mentality, are turning heads North and South of I-80.

Backenforth, IL is also about finding your place in life - that sweet spot where we all belong. "I love the energy, music, and creativity of Chicago, but at the same time, the roots and hard work of my small town," he shares. Growing up in Delavan, IL with a population less than 2,000, Diekhoff's grandparents were farmers, and their values have always provided the baseline of his songs.

He writes music for the "kind of people that come to my shows. Whether in Chicago or Delavan, everyone has a story, and everyone puts in a long day and works hard the same way," he says. "My generation may have been labeled as slackers, but I don't know anyone who doesn't work hard - many people I know put in 50-60 hours a week and 12 hour days. That's what keeps me playing. I don't like anyone to be left out; my music is for everyone in big and very small towns."

He listened to punk rock and grunge as a kid before discovering a friend's dad playing Hank Williams, and it was a revelation. Prine and Guthrie quickly followed. The name Chicago Farmer was originally for a band, but the utilitarian life of driving alone from bar to bar, city to city - to make a direct connection to his audience and listener, took a deeper hold.

Songs like "Workin' On It," are the kind of sing-a-longs he's known for; it's become common to see whole rooms full of strangers erupt and sing to the choruses of his songs on first listen. While "The Twenty Dollar Bill" is more sentimental, reminding everyone of that time their own Grandma surreptitiously passed along a little cash to hang onto.

Cody co-produced the album with Chris Harden in Chicago at the I.V. Labs Studios. While the inspiration has never changed, previous albums have been with Nashville session players - or just himself with guitar and harmonica.

For Backenforth, IL, he brought in friends for a loose and live vibe, accompanied by "The Hired Hands," Darren Garvey on percussion and Mike Davidov on bass. Cody and The Hired Hands were recorded live and on analog tape to capture the feel and authenticity of each performance. Later, some of Chicago's finest musicians chimed in on pedal steel, resonator, electric and acoustic guitar, organ, dobro, and vocals.

Chicago Farmer plans to continue touring relentlessly to support the new album.

With Backenforth IL, he solidifies that wherever he is, that's where he belongs, that's where the songs will be written and sung, and that's where the music will be played.
Good Touch
Good Touch
The Denver-based quartet, Good Touch, comprised of Alex Newton (guitar/vocals), Tyler Hobbs (drums/vocal), Joe Humphrey's (keys) and Adam Sangiolo (bass) have been creating a powerful sound based around thoughtful and heartfelt song writing, and deep grooves that move fans. Blending the sounds of rock, funk, psychedelia, bluegrass, and jazz to create their signature sound of funk 'n' roll, Good Touch's sound comes through as mature and powerful.

Through song and set diversity Good Touch is always pushing their sets further. Striving to keep fans on their toes the band crafts setlists that are never the same and designed to move fans. Each member of the band brings a different skill set to the groups diverse sound further deepening the groups mature sound. Joe Humphrey's is a master of the keyboards. Having been well-versed in jazz he has the knowledge and intuition that gives him complete freedom over his instrument. Yet, it is his southern roots that really shine through in the band bringing out sounds of ragtime and parlor room piano playing. Tyler Hobbs is the groups rhythm machine finding tasteful, yet groove oriented playing to push the band forward moving through the sonic landscape. Couple with his powerful drumming Tyler's vocals brings a level of balance within the bands sound that really grab listeners ear. Alex Newton's precise and melodic guitar playing, and meaningful, yet, playful songwriting brings the bands full picture together. Through many hours spent on his instrument he has become a forced to be reckoned with having player with many staples of the Denver music scene.

Over the last two years Good Touch has been steadily gathering a loyal and ever growing fanbase around Colorado. Growing together with the band both the band and fans are creating a community together. In June of 2016, the band released their first album tiled, "Foreplay". Showcasing their mature and diverse songwriting, "Foreplay", has seen great response.
Venue Information:
Cervantes' Other Side
2637 Welton St.,
Denver, CO, 80205