Monday Night Menagerie ft. Milky Dubz, Papa Skunk, Kinetik Groove, PHloEthik, Jang, BANkaJI, Poppa Bear, Wrecker,  Sean Ryan

High Voltage Presents

Monday Night Menagerie ft. Milky Dubz, Papa Skunk, Kinetik Groove, PHloEthik, Jang, BANkaJI, Poppa Bear, Wrecker, Sean Ryan

Mon, March 27, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10 Day Of Show

This event is 16 and over

Milky Dubz
Milky Dubz
DJ/Producer From Lake Worth, FL Now Residing In Denver, Colorado

I'm A Messenger Delivering The Universal Language Of Music & Culture To The World & Beyond !!!!
Known by many as "Milky" short for the Milkman because he delivers.
Milky has over 15 years in the music biz and is responsible for booking over 100's events. His music is a slice of gold for the underground community. Specialties are in Funk, DnB, Dub, Psybient, Bass. Micro-Funk, IDM, Autonomic, New Retro Wave, Down-Tempo, Trip-Hop, Vaporwave, Miami Bass, Electro Funk, Jungle and Dubstep. When it comes to setting vibes Milky sets creative bombs then inspiration follows.
Milky has Opened for the likes of Blockhead, Skytree, Govinda, D-Bridge, Venetian Snares, Inspectah Deck from Wu-Tang Clan, Flux Pavilion, Noah D, Poirier and amongst many other talented headlingers. In doing so Milky has performed at some really cool festivals, including Okeechobee Music Festival (2016), Fractal Beach (2016), Grass Roots Music Festival (2012-2013), Moksha Art Fair (2011-2012-2013)
Papa Skunk
Papa Skunk
Papa Skunk (Dan Scheidt) is a bass music producer based out of Denver, CO and a member of The Skunk Boyz. Known for dropping originals mixed in with his favorite glitch and dubstep tracks, Papa Skunk's live sets are an evolving journey through bass music. During December of 2010, Dan released 2 free EP's and Papa Skunk was born. An up an comer in the scene, Papa Skunk has already shared the stage with acts such as Pnuma Trio, Two Fresh, Lazer Sword, EPROM, Opiuo, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Mochipet, Sub Swara, Jamie Janover, R/D, Virtual Boy, Bass Science, and Fresh2Death since starting to perform his current style of music in 2010. His debut EP on Tycho Records came out May 4th with many more releases and tour dates around the country on the way.
Kinetik Groove
Kinetik Groove
Austin O’Meara’s passion for music has been cultivated since an early age. After picking up and jamming on a guitar over ten years ago, a simple, typical hobby has developed into a burning passion. Austin’s passion for music has propelled his musical project as Kinetik Groove, and things have never been groovier.

Throughout his musical career, Austin has shared the stage with such notable artists as Eddie C. Campbell and Shirley King in Chicago. Throughout school Austin worked to further develop his musical skillset and began crafting his own sounds. Kinetik Groove was born through various guitar, bass, and synth recordings compiled through a Frostex multitracker. As the electronic music and “jamtronica” scene slowly started to make its way into Austin’s life, he sought to derive a unique sound from the key qualities of his favorite artists.

Austin has dedicated the past two years of his life to the crafting of electronic music infused with flavors of funk and jazz. The Kinetik Groove project draws inspiration from the classics – James Brown, Otis Redding, Al Green. Soaring synth melodies and punchy kicks bring a fresh spin to one of the most appreciated and loved genres in history. Kinetik Groove is here to stay, and ushers in a brand new generation of groove with his arrival.
MUSIC PRODUCER-Seeking a harmonic blend of old school hip hop, funk, and pulsing bass
I like to make dubstep and hip hop instrumentals.
We are a collective of musicians & producers here to wreck your stereo.
Sean Ryan
Sean Ryan
DJ Sean Ryan is a up and coming DJ, re-entering the club and rave scene in Colorado. DJ Sean Ryan is known by his dirty raw electro house and electro trance, captivating audiences around the Denver area for the past 15 years.

DJ Sean Ryan’s inspiration came from his deep passion and love for Electronic Music. It brought a strong and powerful feeling into his world; one where he felt he could truly express his power and emotions, letting everything out.

Going to parties, raves, and clubs, DJ Sean Ryan began to evolve his deeper, more intimate love and passion with the Electronic Music. DJ Sean Ryan started DJ’ing in the year 2000, working day and night to really grasp his own style of mixing and music selection. A year later, DJ Sean Ryan began playing out at house parties, raves, and the clubs in 2001, winning over peoples hearts. For the next eight (8) years, DJ Sean Ryan has played all over the Denver in various Night Clubs. Because of the talent and tenacity shown in his professionalism and his mixes, production companies such as, 10,000 Watts Productions , Roofless Productions and Imagination Productions were wanting DJ Sean Ryan to be affiliated with them. This gave DJ Sean Ryan the opportunity to play more gigs and became a local favorite with his Electro House, Trance and Progressive music and abilities.

Electronic Music, being a successful DJ, and producing means everything to DJ Sean Ryan. He works two (2) to three (3) hours everyday trying to improve and grow as a well known DJ/Producer. Because DJ Sean Ryan left the scene for two (2) years taking care of his father who is deathly ill, he is working even harder then ever to regain his status in the Denver club scene. With the help of one of the greatest DJ’s he has have ever met, DJ Mateusz, DJ Sean Ryan has improved his DJ skills and has a better understanding of the music and sound. As DJ Mateusz has always told him, “it’s one thing to love the music, it’s a whole different thing understanding music and having a deeper appreciation for music.” Its because of close friends and family that DJ Sean Ryan is still able to chase and live his dream of being a well recognized DJ/Producer.

Furthermore, DJ Sean Ryan firmly believes the quote “Support Your Local DJ”. Without people’s love and support, he would be unable to chase his dream!

I would like to thank my family, friends and all my followers for sticking with me and letting me go for my dream.

Thank You!

Here is a list of DNJ Sean Ryan’s Previous Released CD’s:

Friday Night Live
Electric Mayhem
Electro Funk Fest(LIVE SET)
Electro Symphony
Bring The Sound
Saturday Night Sessions - Live Halloween Mix
My Way
The Minimalist
Techno Sessions 1
DJ Sean Ryan Presents Filthy Rehab 2010 Mix
Early Morning Sound
DJ Sean Ryan Presents- Spiritual Sounds of faith
Addictive Decompression

Warm Regards,

DJ Sean Ryan
Venue Information:
Cervantes' Other Side
2637 Welton St.,
Denver, CO, 80205