40 Oz. To Freedom w/ Honey Puddle, Secret Creatures

40 Oz. To Freedom w/ Honey Puddle, Secret Creatures

Fri, August 4, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$15 Day Of Show

This event is 16 and over

40 Oz. to Freedom
40 Oz. to Freedom
Dane Scott - lead vocals / lead guitar. Dane is a 6-time San Diego Music Award nominee for his work with the band, Tubby, and with 40 Oz. 40 oz won the San Diego Music Award for best tribute band in 2010. Dane has toured the country with Tubby, The Fryday Band, Smooth Move, and now 40 Ounces to Freedom. His soulful voice and face melting guitar riffs contribute to an energetic show which leaves the audience craving more.

Jeremy Miller - Keys. Jeremy is a co-founder of 40 Oz to Freedom. He and Dane have been friends for over 12 years and have been playing music together just as long. Jeremy grew up in Southern Califrnia as well, and directly contributes to his playing vibe. His energetic stage presence and knowledge of the genre, makes him a great asset to the band.

Terry Davis - bass / vocals. Terry is a jack of all trades. He's an accomplished guitar player for the band, Egress, and he also plays bass for numerous side projects. Terry has been a fan, and a friend of music for many years.

Mark Leblanc - Drums / patches. Mark plays drums for Egress, Smooth Choppy, DJ Soulman and Idol Job. He has been playing since he was a little kid and has been rocking ever since.

Tom Burda - Bass / Vocals. Tom is a Berkley School of Music graduate, and currently resides in NYC, where he teaches guitar at The New York School of Guitar. His knowledge of music and melody make him an impressive addition to the band, whenever he's there.

Chad Cocuzza - Percussion. Chad is an accomplished drummer/percussionist for the band, Spoonfed Tribe. He has a great presence on stage and knows how to work the crowd.
Honey Puddle
Honey Puddle
Through the mist of modern day dry ice, HoneyPuddle (Led-Zeppelin ‘Tribute’ band), emerges as a cultivated group of musicians that have come together from all sides of the country to reside in Denver and bring smiles to older, die-hard Zeppelin fans; while also creating a fresh buzz amongst the new generation of younger live music fans around the state of Colorado. From unpredictable stage antics, to crowd participating Theremin solos, “HoneyPuddle is focused on creating the powerful live show that Zeppelin was notably acclaimed for, while producing the different layers of their studio efforts on a live stage”, says guitarist Jeph Kennedy.
The birth of this six-piece band formulated after a successful show they had previously done together (a 15 piece Frank Zappa project), where the need to allow one of the back-up singers (Jessica Jones) to unleash her vocal power and step up to the front of the stage became undeniable. Just after their first performance, the rave reviews and demands for more came pouring in. One fan had this to say, “Having a woman be the lead singer, and presenting Robert Plant on a new level in amazing volumes is above and beyond what any cover band has done before”. “We’re still really new as a ‘band’ performing a Legendary bands’ catalog… however we’ve all played in several projects together prior to this, so the spirit is there, the chemistry is powerful, the crowd is full of smiles… what more could you ask for?” says other guitarist John Tipton.
Their love and passion for music performance rolls back over decades, these accomplished players have shared the stage with such artists as: The Allman Brothers Band, ZZ Top, Galactic, Jimmy Herring, Ray White, Steve Bailey, Victor Wooten, John Popper, Vince Welnick, Max Creek, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Uncle Cracker, Stir Fried, and Lotus. All of the above listed artists are what has highly motivated and inspired us as a band and what keeps us tightly knit together.
“Our future is excitingly mysterious right now, the band has been snowballing strong since our first gig. We have a winter tour getting booked up in the mountains for the ski season, as we plan to branch out from the Denver nest and entertain the rest of Colorado… where we evolve from there, I’d say we should let the crowd’s energy tell us where to go, they seem to be making the most noise!“ says vocalist Jessica Jones. HoneyPuddle, is a band dedicated to keeping an honest interpretation of the music to instill the magic that will always keep you coming back to experience, dance, and re-live the power of Led-Zeppelin.
Secret Creatures
Secret Creatures
Like sunrise paints the Colorado mountains, the high-energy grooves from Secret Creatures are painting the Denver music scene with vibrant sounds. Formed in April 2015, Secret Creatures brings unique musical backgrounds together to create soulful melodies, funky rhythms, and driving beats. Blending this mix with a reggae twist, the Island Groove was born. Ride the waves of creativity brought forth by this eclectic group of musicians. Get moved by the Island Grooves!
Venue Information:
Cervantes' Other Side
2637 Welton St.,
Denver, CO, 80205