RIVAL [N*O*V*A* w/ Boogie Lights, Mammoth Water

RIVAL [N*O*V*A* w/ Boogie Lights, Mammoth Water

Tue, December 19, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10 Advance / $12 Day Of Show

This event is 16 and over

Rival Nova
Rival Nova
Take the right portions of different ingredients and amount measurements and you can make the perfect, explosive device. Many of us know this via it’s more commonly used name, BOMB!

Well what if you took the same basic ideals and applied them to music? You would or should by all the right calculations be able to create an equally explosive compound only instead of blowing up a physical target, you would be taking out stereo’s and dance floors!

Well R*I*V*A*L* N*O*V*A has done that with 858687'. An amazing collection of songs that span the sounds of time. Vocalist Latosha Thomas and Writer/producer, s6x have poured their souls into 858687'. “The music had to be filled with bits and pieces of the past, present and future.” says s6x. Indeed 858687' which is a term of passion is only half the fun of this record. The band has equally embraced the sounds of the present and future whole heartedly. “Old school music gives the listener a sense of comfort, with hearing sounds that bring back memories of hopefully a joyful past, but the energetic sounds of the now and future intrigue the listeners ears.” Says LaTosha affectionately known as LALA.

858687' is full of fragments of a time long gone and nano seconds of an era not yet thought about. All laid on top of beats for the musically adventurous at heart. Heavy bass and drums are evident on all the tracks and the influences of early New Wave. “ It’s all about keeping the beat strong and vibrant, I like to hear music that makes my hips move and sway with no inhibitions.” exclaims LALA. “ We grew up on everything from DEF JAM HIP HOP of the 80’s to NEW WAVE to ALTERNATIVE ROCK to ROOTS REGGAE and everything in between.” says s6x

858687' is loaded with a plethora of versatile beats, melodies and future sounds. Songs like “HAMMER” and “TALK ABOUT IT” provide you with the grooves to make you move and entice the dance out of you.

This ep is full of exactly what the band wanted to achieve. To give you a little of the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE all wrapped in one nice, neat little package!!!
WELL YOU GOT IT!! 858687' is bringing the music back!

858687' ep
Organic Intelligence Music/ The Orchard
Boogie Lights
Boogie Lights
Striving to create a new blend of music and feeling. Boogie Lights is breeding a new genre for people who like to shake their booty and get the funk down, EDF: Electronic Dance Funk.

Pulling influences from old school Funk, Disco, Soul,
and Hip Hop. Reviving it with the heartbeat of 21st century EDM, focusing on soulful Deep House, funk filled Nu-Disco, and upbeat Tropical House.

Exploding from Denver, CO the man behind the boogie, Mark Henrichs, ignites a cycle of mixing/sampling, live percussion, bass guitar, and synthesizer, leading the dance floor into an

Live shows consistently feature a few special guests with a variety of vocal and instrumental collabs. Each show is unique to the venue and crowd, might even get a dance solo if you're lucky.
Serving up a mix of originals, remixes, and mashups for an all inclusive dance voyage into the night.

In a recent article, MIX247EDM.com wrote "Boogie Lights' ability to blend (disco) with EDM music makes him look like an Austin Powers guru of music....His live shows bring up the feels of being on a dance floor in height of the disco era."

Bolder Beat called The Feeling (ft. Abi Clark) a "transportive fun house of funk and disco with upbeat electronic elements and catchy lyrics. It’s got a 90s nostalgia to it that makes it hard not to want to just rave out to in your favorite mesh vest."

BL was featured during MIX 247 EDM's Music Monday live video stream on June 19th with the video below.

Let's Boogie.
Mammoth Water
Mammoth Water
Formed in November 2016, Mammoth Water is a 2 piece Electro Funk and Rock Fusion band based out of Denver, Colorado. The band's current line-up consists of Drums/Producer (Jason Ahlquist) Guitar (Dylan Tuthill).

Each band member has brought their own styles and influences to the table to help facilitate a sound that is fresh and distinctively unique. Mammoth Water merges together psychedelic electronic funk music with live drums and ripping guitar to create a brand new genre of music; Psychedelic Electronic Funk-Rock. Mammoth Water is an act guaranteed to get the music moving and people dancing. Think Griz meets Phish.

Music is currently featured on Green Light Radio and Mile High Underground Radio stations.
Venue Information:
Cervantes' Other Side
2637 Welton St.,
Denver, CO, 80205