Trout Steak Revival feat. Special Guest Bridget Law w/ Old Salt Union, Lindsay Lou, The Sweet Lillies, We Dream Dawn (ft. Bridget  Law), Bonfire Dub, Magnolia North (DUAL VENUE SHOW)

The Colorado Sound, Bonfire Entertainment, Icelantic Skis & WinterWonderGrass Present

Trout Steak Revival feat. Special Guest Bridget Law w/ Old Salt Union, Lindsay Lou, The Sweet Lillies, We Dream Dawn (ft. Bridget Law), Bonfire Dub, Magnolia North (DUAL VENUE SHOW)

Fri, November 30, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$25 Day Of Show / $35 VIP

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This event is 16 and over



Purchasers of tickets will receive access to both venues, the Ballroom and The Other Side.


Trout Steak Revival
Trout Steak Revival
Ever since winning the 2014 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition, Trout Steak Revival has quickly become a quintessential Colorado band. The band won an Emmy Award for a soundtrack they contributed to a Rocky Mountain PBS. They collaborate with school children in mentoring programs in Denver and Steamboat Springs. Their music is featured on Bank of Colorado’s radio and television advertisements. Most recently, Westword named them Denver’s Best Bluegrass Band, and they were
Bridget Law
Bridget Law
That simple line atop Elephant Revival's Facebook page contains only five words, but reveals volumes about the band's reason for being. Music unites us in ways that no other medium can. Even when we don't understand one another's languages - we can be moved by a rhythm, soothed by a song. Brought together by a unified sense of purpose - the spirit of five souls working as one, in harmony, creating sounds they could never produce alone.

The five souls in Elephant Revival are Sage Cook (banjo, guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, bass and fiddle); Bridget Law (fiddle, octave fiddle); Bonnie Paine (washboard, djembe, musical saw, stompbox); Daniel Rodriguez (guitar, banjo, bass); and Dango Rose (double-bass, mandolin, banjo). All share vocals and write songs. Paine delivers additional beats via footstomps on plywood, her stockinged feet doing near jigs as her hands, encased in antique leather gloves, rub silver nickel against corrugated metal.

This Nederland, Colorado quintet are, needless to say, quite a sound to be experienced - especially when they fall into the pocket of a groove containing elements of gypsy, rock, Celtic, alt-country and folk.

The Indie Acoustic Music Project simply labeled their sound "progressive edge." At least, that's the category in which it placed the band when it gave their Ruff Shod/Nettwerk Records release, BREAK IN THE CLOUDS, a best CD of 2011 award. It's as good a label as any to convey what Rose has described as their mission: "to close the gap of separation between us through the eternal revelry of song and dance."

Elephant Revival also shares a commitment to responsible stewardship of the planet and its inhabitants, working with organizations such as the Conscious Alliance, Calling All Crows, Trees Water & People, and other nonprofits supporting humanitarian causes. Their very name was chosen out of empathy for a pair of zoo pachyderms who, upon being separated after 16 years, died on the same day. The band related that heart-rending story during their April 2012 debut on fellow Coloradoans Nick & Helen Forster's internationally syndicated "eTown" radio show - like Elephant Revival, a blend of music and social consciousness.

Sitting in the audience during their performance, one music blogger was moved to write, "Elephant Revival serenaded the crowd with arabesque melodies, harmonies and rhythms that braided and coiled into a sublime aural tapestry. Their instrumental dynamics, verse, and even the harrowing story that inspired their appellation, invoked the majesty, mystery and sorrow of Mother Earth."

Campout for the Cause festival organizers put it this way in an affectionate shoutout on their Facebook page. "We love Elephant Revival so much," they wrote, "not just for their incredible music and conscious lyrics, but for their commitment to living up to the standards they set forth and setting positive examples."

It's a paradigm worth spreading, and that's what Elephant Revival members intend to continue doing as they carry their music around the world, speaking one song at a time.
Old Salt Union
Old Salt Union
A great band is more than the proverbial sum of its parts, and in the pursuit of becoming something that can cut through the clutter of YouTube stars and contest show runner-ups, a great roots music band must become a way of life. Less likely to rely on production or image, they’ve got to connect with their audience only through the craftsmanship of their songs, the energy they channel on the stage and the story that brings them together.

Old Salt Union is a string band founded by a horticulturist, cultivated by classically trained musicians, and fueled by a vocalist/bass player who is also a hip-hop producer with a fondness for the Four Freshmen. It is this collision of styles and musical vocabularies that informs their fresh approach to bluegrass and gives them an electric live performance vibe that seems to pull more from Vaudeville than the front porch.
Lindsay Lou
Lindsay Lou
Started in Michigan sounding trad, moved to Nashville with a sound closer to their own // World tours and front porch jams // Soul singing and Bluegrass instruments // Like Lake Street Dive meets Punch Brothers.
The Sweet Lillies
The Sweet Lillies
The Sweet Lillies’ high-energy, melodic tunes have quickly captured the hearts and music souls of fans in Colorado and beyond. The band credits its appeal to the original and compelling songwriting of all four members. The magnetic combination of Melly Frances (vocals), Julie Gussaroff (upright bass), Becca Bisque (viola), and Danjo Lynn (banjo) give this band a soulful, rare, alluring sound that blends Americana and bluegrass, creating a style all its own. As testament to their appeal, The Sweet Lillies have already shared the stage with the likes of Peter Rowan, Vince Herman, Kyle Hollingsworth, Andy Hall, Bill McKay, Jake Wolf, Dave Abear, Leftover Salmon, Yarn, and Drunken Hearts. Based out of Colorado’s Front Range, The Sweet Lillies are continually expanding their audience and reach, building fan and critic support through an unwavering commitment to creativity, a contagious love of music, and a get-up-and-dance attitude that spreads lots of love and smiles.
We Dream Dawn
We Dream Dawn
WE DREAM DAWN is an experiment involving the amalgamation of art and sustenance. We believe in the abundance and inherent symbiosis this planet offers us. We are a band and art collective living off the beaten path somewhere between Kansas and Oklahoma.
WE, as in all life.
DREAM, as in create.
DAWN, as in the new day.
Bonfire Dub
Bonfire Dub
Bonfire Dub has deep roots, “Gypsy Roots.” Like the title of the their most recent album, the band is a celebration of community and creativity, inspired by a spirit of world travel and the shared yet diverse spectrum of the human experience.

Scotty Stoughton is the lyricist and singer for Bonfire Dub. At age 23, he loaded up his car in the East Coast and headed to Vail, Colorado. It wasn’t long before he immersed himself into the tight-knit music scene, and quickly started playing at open mic nights and collaborating with local musicians. In 1994, Stoughton started a band called Short Term Memory, which gained a large and loyal following in the Vail Valley. Stoughton and the band moved to L.A. — following their dream to get a record deal and make it big.

The band fizzled out after a few years, and Stoughton returned to Vail “with his tail between his legs,” as he recalls. But he formed another band, Sucker, with new members that included Rodney James Coquia, now on guitar for Bonfire Dub. They wrote a bunch of songs, moved to Boulder and bought van, put out a record and toured around the country.

“That’s how I got my feet wet,” shares Stoughton. “It’s how I really got into the music business, and began to understand how much work it takes to be an artists, and how hard it is and how much work it takes — all the late nights, no money, night-after-night grind, and partying, and all of it. It was pretty wild.

Toward the end of the Sucker days, Stoughton started getting invited to sit in with band during festivals and freestyle. Mark Vann, one of the founders of Leftover Salmon, had Stoughton get up in front of 3,000 people to freestyle. He jumped all around, spoke in rhythm about positivity and elevated the energy of the crowd.

“It launched a different evolution of my music,” shares Stoughton. “I started being around all these different groups and roots artists and bluegrass artists. I saw how they were creating community and sharing the spotlight — I loved it.”

He sat in with Sam Bush at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in front of 10,000 people. And it wasn’t too long after that Bonfire Dub was born.

Stoughton moved back to Vail, helped run the State Bridge music venue and Samana Lounge, and looked to create a band that would not be constrained by a record label — not required to look a certain way or be defined too specifically within a genre.

Up to this point Stoughton had only played the hand drums, so he started singing, writing songs and learning to play guitar.

The Bonfire Dub group brought on Jeff Armistead on keyboard, Trevor Noel Gagstetter on bass, and their original drummer, Brian Dillon. For several years, Bonfire Dub included Kaitlin Dawn, bringing in the melodies sweetly.

“We created a space where we could all be free. We could bring the intention, we could still be politically minded, travel inspired, environmentally aware, doing it for the sake of building our internal and external community, and having an outlet for our own hearts, and that was really the point,” shares Stoughton.

Bonfire Dub’s first record, “Search,” included a combination of DJ beats and acoustic melodies.

“We were finding our way,” Stoughton says. “ It’s fun to listen to that record — it’s definitely different than we are now.”

The band has continued to evolve, now with drummer Mark Levy, and since its 2009 emergence, Bonfire Dub has welcomed Bridget Law of renowned folk music group Elephant Revival, as a part-time player and full-time family member.

The collaboration is natural — coalescing the divine feminine and the sweet sound of the violin into the Bonfire groove. Law is also a part of the ensembles' released EP, “Who We Are,” showcasing the band’s trance-style beats and expressive lyrics.

“Smiling faces, beaming with love; swiveling hips and shuffling feet; friends and families hand in hand; eyes and ears wide to the wisdom — this is the sight at every Bonfire Dub show,” shares Law. “The vibe is community, joy, Earth reverence and deep rhythms expressed through music. The lyrics are wisely woven stories, poetry and meaningful messages that folks can relate to and the musicians are behind them with hearts and souls. Working with Bonfire Dub over the last six years has always been delightful; laughter and sweet friendship paired with super great music and fun experiences are memories that will ring through my mind for a lifetime!”

Bonfire Dub plays a deep and powerful blend of roots music — original songs with rich melodies, featuring down tempo, acoustic laced and electric steel driven reggae, folk and dub. Bonfire’s lyrical repertoire is inspired from eastern philosophy, indigenous struggles, political injustice, international relief efforts and a deep respect for the soul of love and the balance of nature.

Stoughton founded a music and event production company, Bonfire Entertainment, and produces the WinterWonderGrass Festivals and Campout for the Cause — festivals that have focused on the power of community, art, physical expression and environmental awareness.

Bonfire Dub’s 2016 album, “Gypsy Roots,” has been called “a record for our times.”

“Bonfire Dub’s aural travelogue of communal renewal should open your heart and resonate in your mind as your ears bask in sounds rooted in the high country. A bold departure musically that is grounded in the emotions that connect us all,” as reviewed by Tom Genes of KZYR The Zephyr, a Vail Valley-based radio station.

The album highlights the dynamic and evolving sound of the band, flowing through original songs with rich melodies, and delivering acoustic laced and electric steel-driven folk, reggae and rock. A dash of bluegrass has been infused in songs like “Free River,” inspired from a stand-up paddle trip down the Grand Canyon and a proposed development in the sacred valley. A sea of soulful lyrics are ever present in tracks like “Pilot” and “Open Heart,” inspired from world travel and expressions of humanity.
“The moments that we get together and share the stage, create music, and deliver something to the audience and receive from the audience is something so incredibly special,” says Stoughton. “And to have a product to release, it means a lot. We’re proud of it — it’s another step down the road; another chapter in the book.”
Magnolia North
Magnolia North
Husband and wife songwriting team, Steve Foltz of Trout Steak Revival and Jennifer Middleton, co-wrote Magnolia North’s songs at their remote cabin in Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado. The final studio album is a collaboration with a talented cast of musicians including Kevin Finn, Zach Jackson, James Dumm, Sarah Clanton, Lindsay Lou, Andy Goessling, Ben Waligoske, and Melissa McGinley. The live show will touch your heart and leave you dancing, blending bluegrass and Colorado country into a Rocky Mountain swirl.
Venue Information:
Cervantes' and The Other Side - DUAL VENUE
2637 Welton Street
Denver, CO, 80203