The Mallett Brothers Band and Pixie & The Partygrass Boys w/ Shawn Nelson Band

Grass For That Ass & Be Hippy Presents

The Mallett Brothers Band and Pixie & The Partygrass Boys w/ Shawn Nelson Band

Thu, October 11, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

OVER 21 = $5 Before 8 PM / $10 Between 8 PM and 9 PM / $15 After 9 PM /// UNDER 21 = $15 All Night

This event is 16 and over

The Mallet Brothers Band
The Mallet Brothers Band
The Mallett Brothers Band is an alt-country/rock band from Portland, Maine.

No Depression says they "make you want to scream at people to make them aware of the awesomeness that they are more than likely missing."

Dispatch Magazine calls them a "six-piece living inferno."
They have been “gobbling up accolades like sunflower seeds” since their 2009 inception, according to the Portland Press Herald.

They were voted Best Local Act, Best Live Act, Best Roots Act, and won additional awards for Best Local Album (Low Down) and Best Song (Low Down) in the 2012 Portland Phoenix Best Music Poll. They were voted Best Local Act, Best Live Act, and had their debut album named Best Local Album in the 2011 Phoenix BMP, after their first full year of playing together. They were nominated for "Best Emerging Artist" of 2011 by Deli Magazine, Boston, and "Best Band/Act in Maine" in the 2011 New England Music Awards.

They won the 2011 Oxford Rockin’ Country Showdown Competition, garnering them a $25K grand prize (which went almost entirely to gas and van repairs to support their busy tour schedule); their debut record was the top-selling local CD in Bull Moose Music in 2010; and their sophomore release, “Low Down,” was featured on several year-end best-of lists this past December, nationally as well as locally.

Drawing from an array of influences including rock and roll, folk, blues, bluegrass, neo-traditional and classic country and even punk, MBB are known for high-intensity live performances. They've played national festivals as well as sold-out venues ranging from grange halls to rock clubs throughout the Northeast U.S.

They’ve been featured on WCYY, WBLM, WTHT, MPBN, WCLZ, and Country Radio, stations whose specialties run the gamut from mainstream country to hard rock to adult contemporary, and podcasts including the Americana Rock Mix, Freezing Process, Nine Bullets Radio, Freight Train Boogie, and RootHog Radio, among others.

The Portland Phoenix says “This band projects a self-assuredness that’s infectious in a world where it’s becoming harder and harder to find things that are real and genuine.” The Wire says “Put simply, this is a damn good band.” Hidden Track says “a most welcome discovery.” The Orris says “a band to watch.” The Portland Press Herald says “Scour the songs [on “Low Down”] for layered hipster nuance, and you’ll later be smoking cloves wondering what just blew past you.” Deli Magazine says of their live performances, “I guarantee you a kick-ass time, a hangover, and a crush that won’t quit.” They’ve also been called “amazing” (Piscataquis Observer), “luminaries” (NonAlignmentPact), “mighty,” and “as real as the dirt on the bottoms of your shoes” (Press Herald). At their March 2011 performance at Portland’s Port City Music Hall, more alcohol was allegedly consumed than at any other local show in the venue’s history.

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Pixie & The Partygrass Boys
Pixie & The Partygrass Boys
Somewhere in the Wasatch Mountains, during the cold winter months, a rowdy group of ski bums and hippies gathered in the belly of a warm house. Drawn together by a common love of snow, fun, and bluegrass, they set out to howl at the moon and dance through the night in hopes of shaking a storm loose from the heavens to cover up the the stones and ice, and to wash clean the filthy air in the Salt Lake Valley.

They sang and danced until they were drenched in sweat and their bodies ached.
They sang songs from The Grateful Dead.
They sang songs from Michael Jackson.
They sang Katy Perry.
They sang Lady Gaga.
They sang Creedence Clearwater Revival.
They sang Taylor Swift.
They sang The Talking Heads.
They sangUsher.
They sang Avicii.
They sang Britney Spears.
They sang Aretha Franklin.

They sang all the songs they knew and then they sang songs they wrote.
They sang songs about wandering the desert. They sang songs about drinking whisky. They sang about the lies they've been told. They sang about the love they've lost. The love they've gained. They sang about the endless destruction that they simply don't understand.
They sang about Chickens.

... And from that night a new style was born...
The style of Partygrass.
Shawn Nelson Band
Shawn Nelson Band
Shawn Nelson is a songwriter, musician, singer and recent transplant to Golden, Colorado from Austin, Texas. Born and raised in Houston, Shawn moved to Austin to play music and spent over 10 years performing, writing songs and making records. His style ranges from honky tonk, to classic country, to southern rock and now fusing into electric americana. The Austin Chronicle named his 2011's San Juan Street "one of the best country albums of the year." “I'm just a Houston kid who's been lucky to write, play and record music for many years. I’ve been fortunate to play my music on all kinds of stages across the country and to release a few albums along the way. It's a labor of love and at this point, my life's work." Over the years Shawn has released nine independent albums with various band mates – four under Shawn Nelson, one with Shawn Nelson & The Good Buds, two with Shawn Nelson & The Ramblers, one under his first band Crazy Chester and one under 2Fer1 with fellow songwriter, Graham Wilkinson, which was recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN. “I’m lucky to call the musicians who play on my albums, my friends. Every one of them is a fine soul and they believe in my music. I write most of my songs in solitude on a guitar or the piano, but for me, my music really comes alive when others are involved and that collective vibe and spirit is created - these guys make that happen and for that I am eternally grateful.
Grass For That Ass
Grass For That Ass
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