Felabration! - A Celebration of the music of Fela Kuti feat. Dave Watts (The Motet), members of Euforquestra and members of Atomga w/ Chicago Afrobeat Project

Felabration! - A Celebration of the music of Fela Kuti feat. Dave Watts (The Motet), members of Euforquestra and members of Atomga w/ Chicago Afrobeat Project

Sat, October 18, 2014

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$15 Day Of Show

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This event is 16 and over

"This is NOT your average Fela Kuti tribute! Featuring an allstar cast of musicians from the Colorado music scene (The Motet, Euforquestra, and Atomga), this 14 piece wall of sound (7 horns, 2 percussion, 2 guitars, keys, bass, drums) is coming together to celebrate the music of the funkiest African superstar in history. This is not just afrobeat, but a mash-up of those timeless Fela songs with funk, house, disco, and electro-rock grooves that bring a whole new energy to the music. This is the funkiest, non-stop, dance-party, throw-down that Colorado has seen in a long time....get ready to sweat!!"
Eufórquestra (pronounced yoo-FOHR-keh-struh, think euphoria+orchestra) is energy and rhythm personified. An ever-evolving sound that has been influenced by music from all over the world with an emphasis on funk, pocket and groove. For over a decade the band has been igniting dance floors across the country, blending the roots of funk, soul, afrobeat, reggae and dub to create a sound that “explodes, dances and melts in your ear with sheer bliss” (Chris M. Slawecki; AllAboutJazz.com).

Eufórquestra’s fifth full-length record, FIRE, was produced by Kyle Hollingsworth (of The String Cheese Incident) and captures the passion and musical maturing of these road warriors. Over the course of 14 tracks, the band takes you on an hour-long adventure that will touch your heart and mind, and keep your fingers and toes tapping. A handful of special guests, including Elliot Martin (John Brown’s Body), Gabriel Mervine and Kim Dawson (The Motet) and Mr. Hollingsworth himself, put their own touches on the band’s already cohesive sound that is “tight and engineered to a fine, funky precision.” (Jeremy Frazier; Chicago Jam Scene) The result is a record that is distinctly modern, maintaining one foot in the future and firmly planting in the musical roots traditions of the past.

With almost 1,000 shows under their belt, Eufórquestra shows no sign of stopping. A perpetually heavy tour schedule keeps the band and fans happy, as performing live in front of an audience has always been the band’s top priority. As noted in a live show review by Grateful Web, “...the boys seem to play like the apocalypse will happen at any second and they want to die doing what they do best...”
Since their inception in 2011, ATOMGA has continued to be a unique staple in the Colorado Music circuit and a celebrated group internationally. Over the past seven years, ATOMGA has evolved their sound to be a unique brand of Afrobeat with infused elements of Rock, Jazz, and even Classical influences over the foundation of polyrhythms from their fierce percussion section.

On an international level, ATOMGA have gotten their tracks remixed by artists such as Paris DJ's in France, had an award winning beer named after them in Brazil and have been repeatedly requested as the opening act for artists such as Seun Kuti and the Egypt 80- from Nigeria. There is no question that across the world- people appreciate the music of ATOMGA. With their latest release entitled "AGA" in February of 2018, ATOMGA shows no signs of slowing down.
The release of "AGA" shows the band's evolving sound of high energy music that one cannot help but move to upon hearing. Beyond that, there is also a certain musicality that highlights each of the 9 members and the honed skills on their respective instruments; not to mention lyrical messages that tastefully question the powers that be.

ATOMGA has reputation for their live performances to be a fun filled dance party for all ages and all walks of life.

Let me know if you need anything else and this will be a fun one!
Chicago Afrobeat Project
Chicago Afrobeat Project
As practitioners of a "non-traditional" interpretation of afrobeat for more than a decade, Chicago Afrobeat Project frequently reinvents itself within a genre first pioneered by Fela Kuti. The group's latest release Nyash Up!" shows the group redefining their signature version of afrobeat by incorporating elements of hip-hop, orchestra-like musical arrangement, and stylistic explorations of rock, jazz and funk.

In 2014, the group ups the ante by collaborating with master afrobeat drummer Tony Allen on a studio release slotted for late in the year. The two artists first collaborated in 2013 on a series of Midwest summer concerts and plan to work together in the U.S. in summer 2014 as well.

As a genre, the success of the Broadway musical Fela! and a growing interest in the music has made afrobeat a widely-known sound around the world. Elements of the music are pushing their way further into more diverse and mainstream outlets with a widening array of successful artists such as The Roots, Janelle Monae, Vampire Weekend and drawing influence from the sound.

Chicago Afrobeat Project embarked as one of the first nationally touring American bands to take the sound to the masses. The band has mastered a sound that weaves the uniqueness of the Chicago music scene with a distinct western-influenced Nigerian style of music. The group performed with Seun Kuti (son of the late Fela Kuti) and featured Sahr (the original actor portraying Fela in the Broadway musical) as a part of the official Fela! musical kick off party in Chicago. In the past with artists the group has performed with notables such as Bill Kreutzman of the Grateful Dead, Jeff Parker of Tortoise, Paul Wertico, Steve Kimmock, Sugar Blue, Howard Levy, and many others.

Chicago Afrobeat Project channels this immense momentum to every performance. The band's reputation as delivering a stellar live performance translates to group's new "Nyash Up!" album as well, with critics clamoring that it's the groups best studio record to date.
Venue Information:
Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom
2637 Welton Street
Denver, CO, 80205