Fall Freaquinox ft. J.WAIL [Live Band] w/ Lula Granji, Wabakinoset, Soul Inscribed, Floatgoat and Droplitz

Bridging The Music and Far Side Emporium Present

Fall Freaquinox ft. J.WAIL [Live Band] w/ Lula Granji, Wabakinoset, Soul Inscribed, Floatgoat and Droplitz

Wed, October 7, 2015

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10 Day Of Show

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This event is 16 and over

* J.WAIL *
It is the dawn of an age of digital wizardry and in this modern era gadgets seem to surge in song, congealing in an amalgamation of buzzes, beeps and blips. The pulsing of machines and pounding of concrete and steel in symphonic collage power our world. J.WAIL rises to the call of the sonic traffic controller, poised behind a palette of electronic devices, guitar and live drums creating a realm of joy, funky flavors and euphoria for all. The dance floor becomes the launch pad where J.WAIL fuses live instrumentation with organic electronic music propelling mind, soul and booty into the upper stratosphere of sound. In the resonance of music and technology, J.WAIL melds the sounds of tomorrow with the power of now into a bumping, party anthem for modern mankind. Stretching into the DJ-based dance sound with the approach of a live band, J.WAIL encompasses genre and mind bending music, with the element of surprise and improvisation. On a quest to spread music, tours have logged stops on many corners of globe and far off galaxies. Wailian dance parties have been spotted all around North America, Asia, Africa and little beach towns in Hawaii and Mexico. J.WAIL has shared on stage collaborations and jams with EOTO, members of Lotus, Ween, Particle and has performed on bills with national artists such as Bassnectar, The New Deal and Boombox. J.WAIL's unique style infused with live drums leave the audience with orgasms for your soul and a dance party for your booty!

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Wabakinoset ("waba kin ahh set"), founded a the University of Denver, is a Dance-Rock Quartet that blends high energy rhythms with an improvisational style of rock, jazz, and electronic music. Their live performances focus on dancey grooves, fluid improvisation, and complex setlists.
Lula Granji
Lula Granji
The dynamic Boulder-based trio, Lula Granji, has been electrifying audiences with their genre-fusing sight and sound experience since 2011.

The trio was formed by then CU Boulder students and multi instrumentalists Braden Waller, Hiroki Collins, and drummer Marshall Van Swaay.

Lula blends psychedelic jam-rock, blues, and jazz with electronic trance, world-beat, and funk, all of which create an ethereal soundscape.

Their musical style combines free-form improvisation, shredding guitar, and masterful pre-production to formulate fluid compositions that reflect these musicians’ seasoned craft.

Their music carries a level of depth and complexity that is both dance inspiring and thought provoking.

Setting them apart from other acts are visual projectionist, Kyle Monks, and Hula Hoop performer, Alyssa McClelland.

This sight and sound combination creates a stimulating and exciting high-energy live performance.

Lula has gained a following along the Front Range and into the Rockies playing venues such as the Fox Theatre, Boulder Theater, State Bridge Amphitheatre, and Pac3 Carbondale; as well as frequently playing venues such as The Lazy Dog, Quixote’s, and Cervantes.

Lula Granji has played with a variety of other acts including Particle, Jimkata, Tatanka, Eminence Ensemble, The Magic Beans, Technicolor Tone Factory, J-Wail, Future Simple Project, and many others.
Soul Inscribed
Soul Inscribed
Soul Inscribed is a "new rare groove" project fusing poetic Hip Hop lyrics and soulful vocals with jazz, funk and dub influenced multi-instrumentalist production. The quartet is composed of Baba Israel (emcee/production/didge), Duv (vocalist), Sean Nowell (saxophone/ multi- instrumentation) and Yako 440 (multi-instrumentation/ production).

The group's poetic voice, Baba Israel, was raised in New York City by parents who were core members of the Living Theatre. He developed as a young artist exploring spoken word, Hip Hop, and experimental theatre. He lived in Australia in the '90s working on major community theatre projects and Hip Hop festivals, and also co-founded the group Meta Bass 'n Breath.

In 2000, he connected with musician and visual artist Yako 440. Forming a close friendship and performance collaboration while on tour with DJ Logic, in support of Baba's solo album Mind Music released on Velour Records. Baba Israel and Yako 440 went on to release three more albums independently (Force of Life, Beatbox Dub Poetics (licensed to Australia/New Zealand through labels Earshot and Invisible Forces), and Highest Degree EP). They also released the 12" vinyl Force of Life through the San Francisco based label Widehive, and have toured across North and South America, Europe (Lowlands Festival), Africa (U.S. State Dept. Tour), Australia (Big Day Out Festival), New Zealand (One Love Festival afterparty), and Asia (U.S. State Dept./ Jazz at Lincoln Center Rhythm Road Tour). Both artists are master level arts educators and have led workshops at home and abroad. They also collaborate on theatre projects and toured the production Boom Bap Meditations across the states and Europe. They are currently developing a new theatre piece called The Spinning Wheel in collaboration with London based director Leo Kay (Unfinished Business) which is set to tour the UK in 2014-2015.

One of Baba and Yako's early experiences co-teaching was in 2001 at The Door, a community center in NYC. This was where they met then 17-year-old vocalist Duv. The three found an instant chemistry, and after featuring Duv on their albums Baba and Yako co-produced his solo debut, Urban Artistik. Duv went on to perform at venues such as the Blue Note, Highline Ballroom, and The Bowery Poetry Club, becoming a pillar of NYC's downtown soul/R&B music scene. He is a teaching artist leading workshops in beatboxing and songwriting.

In 2009, Baba Israel moved to England to work as the Artistic Director and CEO of Contact, one of the world's leading arts venues working with youth. Since returning to New York in 2013, he connected with electro/jazz/funk group The Kung-Fu Masters led by Saxophonist/ composer Sean Nowell. Baba invited Sean to play live shows and join in recording sessions at the Soul Inscribed studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He joined the group soon after, completing the quartet.

The group has found a symmetry with their live show consisting of two vocalists and two multi-instrumentalists, all four members being human beatboxers. Soul Inscribed flows seamlessly between highly crafted songs and improvisation grounded in the traditions of Hip Hop, Soul, Dub, and Jazz.
Colorado based electro-funk duo
Droplitz Art, is experiential and is made up of three components: music, meditation and oil paintings, creating a pool of auditory and visual influences. Examineing the transparency, synesthesia, and liminality between sight and sound, mind and body, in addition to consciousness and perception. Using meditation as a vehicle, the content of my work is driven by the sacred and universal interpretation of music. Guided by spiritual and esoteric themes I explore relationships of art and music and how they activate metaphysical aspects of our being.

Droplitz Music, takes listeners to deeper levels of underground music experience: sounds that can reach subterranean bass-lines, quaking seismic percussion, and cracking the surface with shimmering harmony. Utilizing Ableton Live, numerous controllers and synthesis, as well as the confines of a damp basement, Droplitz unearths elements of Bass, Glitch Hop, Dubstep, Ambient, and Progressive Electronic.
Venue Information:
Cervantes' Other Side
2637 Welton St.,
Denver, CO, 80205